Global Innovation Leaders Bootcamp
Fostering Open Innovation in  Healthcare Organizations

25-29 November 2019 | Tel-Aviv

Global Innovation Leaders Bootcamp is a 5-days accelerated-learning program by the Israel Innovation Institute (III) for innovation officers in healthcare organizations.
You will learn to design and to operate open innovation strategy in your organization
You will study proven innovation integration processes in healthcare organizations

You will discover the full potential of digital transformation in healthcare organizations and be exposed to cutting-edge technologies in Israel.  
You will meet & interact with the Israeli digital health ecosystem & and learn how can you cooperate with your own digital health ecosystem back home

Peer 2 Peer learning experience with other innovation executives exploring mutual challenges and solutions
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Global Innovation Leaders Bootcamp

Fostering Open Innovation in Healthcare Organizations

25-29 November 2019 | Tel-Aviv

Israel Innovation Institute

Israel Innovation Institute (III) was established in 2011 as a nonprofit organization, aiming to facilitate innovation that will increase the wellbeing of the 21st century citizens as well as to become the innovation catalyst for innovation in the Israeli public sector. positioning Israel not only as an Innovation creator, but also as Implementor.
We bring together ecosystem stakeholders, innovative thinkers, Hi-tech and social entrepreneurs, policy makers, academy, corporations, start-ups, service providers and consumers, inspiring individuals and dynamic communities – to shape the innovation landscape in Israel.

We chose to focus our activity in five essential and critical fields with maximum public impact: Digital Healthcare ( community), Smart Transportation (EcoMotion community), Life Long Learning technologies ( community), Advanced Agriculture (GrowingIL community) and Innovation Management community (The Catalyst), supporting our entire mission and four other communities.
Most of the communities are a joint venture with the Israeli Ministry of Economy & Industry, Digital Israel of the Ministry for Social Equality

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Global Innovation Leaders Bootcamp is a 5-days accelerated and intensive - learning program lead by a steering committee of industry, academia and healthcare experts.
This bootcamp Is focused on creating a practical framework for managerial, organizational, and operational challenges within healthcare organizations in order to incorporate digital health innovative solutions.
The following program outlines the main topics to be covered in the bootcamp.
The full program will be continuously updated 
* Please, note that the program is subject to change, and will be updated continuously up to the bootcamp. During this time we will ask you of your needs, challenges and expectations and will incorporate (if not already in the program) the relevant content

Introduction to Digital Health:

Orientation & introduction

The 21st century promise of Digital Health

The digital transformation of healthcare organization - case study

The role of Innovation Leader in healthcare organization

The Israel Innovation Institute (III)  innovation management model in healthcare organization - workshop

Professional dinner party - meeting Israeli digital health initiatives

Professional dinner party - meeting Israeli digital health initiatives


Cutting Edge Technologies 

Digital Health innovation map - current status: the promise, the challenge and looking into the future.

Challenge identification process (III model) - workshop

Israel's 'map' of healthcare organizations challenges - case study

Lean Canvas of needs and challenges identification and focus

On-site visit to Jerusalem -  exploring the unique biotech ecosystem


Digital. Health. Now.

Main event of III's Digital Health sector (

This whole day will be devoted to promote the development and implementation of digital health innovation to improve healthcare services

This event attracts hundreds of  technologiacl companies ,health organization officials, start-ups and entrepreneurs, industry executives, venture capitalists, investors, academic leaders and students. *take a look at last year's event HERE

B2B meetings with tech companies matched and selected according to your own pre-defined needs & challenges

Discussing joint challenges with peers from all over the world - workshop

Cocktail party - with Israeli Innovation leaders in healthcare organizations & leading figures from the healthcare Innovation ecosystem


The premises of Organizational Management System in healthcare organization

Practical framework for building an open innovation process within healthcare organizations - workshop

Innovation leaders sharing insights - critical review of successful and failed case studies

Case study - integration of innovative technology in healthcare organization

Decision making - whether or not to adopt a new technology: how to navigate through the maze

Innovation organizational culture - how to support and promote organizational processes


Collaborating with Your Digital Health Ecosystem 

incubators and accelerators - exploring collaborations opportunies 

Intra-organizational accelerators

Case study - network of living labs: multi-organizational collaborations

How to build an organizational community or collaborate with an entrepreneurial community

Celebration and farewell 

OPTIONAL - after the bootcamp is over you may join a day trip to Masada & the Dead Sea (the day trip is add-on program to the bootcamp; more info will be given in due course )
General Information


25-29 November 2019


 Start-Up Nation Central HQ
28 Lilienblum St.,

Tel Aviv, Israel



We recommend staying in the Rothschild blv. area, as most of the sessions will be held there. It's one of the most vivid parts of Tel-Aviv, so there will be a lot to see  and do as well.

The program is offered in English.

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* USD. Please note - price does not cover travel and accommodation expenses

** The bootcamp is subject to a minimum number of participants